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Title: Flash in the Pan

 Rate: K+

Summary: You can't fight against your blood.

Gen, major angst, pompous character study, just a little fluff and genetics being a bitch.

Characters: Lelouch, Marianne and some Charles. 

A/N: I'm afraid this is a gen fic about Lelouch and Marianne. Not my best, but hey it was uber fun to write.  I know R2 will kill this, but I couldn't resist the plot bunny.

SPOILERS (Stage 1-25)
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
This one is for [ profile] hopechan, who said she wanted realms' fic (go figure), [ profile] lb_x , who said she wanted more CG fic (I totally sympathize) and [ profile] runesque, who actually puts up with my CG obsession on a daily basis.

Flash in the Pan )
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A Matter of Scales
By G
Pairing: A little SuzaLulu.
Rate: K +.
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
Spoilers: 24-25. Inspired on Sound Episode 6.
Summary: Once in a while, they will join in a project destined to failure.
Maybe I should put a warning on this fic for boku! Suzaku. Beware.
[personal profile] runesque asked me for Lelouch singing Art Song as a Halloween present. Here is the slightly cracky result:

A Matter of Scales )
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Today I don't feel like writing. So I thought maybe I could practice a little and draw some fanart - something I haven't done since the dawn of ages. Lelouch is the guinea pig. Do not take seriously. Think of it as the end of a stressful day... or maybe "Why God, WHY doesn't Suzaku phone me anymore?"

I wish I could draw... )
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The House of Mirrors: Epilogue - The Palace of Silence
author: G.

pairings: Suzalulu, a little C.C./Lulu
rate: T
Spoilers: Yes (24-25)
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
A/N: The end, really. Read the whole arc before you get here, otherwise you will be confused.
PS: reposted five hours later to edit major plot issue. :D *is a compulsive freak*

Epilogue - The Palace of Silence )
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The House of Mirrors: Stage 4 - The Book of Hours
by G.
pairings: Suzalulu, a little C.C./Lulu.
rate: T to be safe
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
Summary: Anyone can see he is a master of warlocks who reeks of his beloved ones' blood.
Spoilers: YES (24-25)
A/N: Part four of The House of Mirror arc. Read the first three parts otherwise you will be completely lost.

The Book of Hours )
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I swear, I love the Code Geass fandom to pieces. So many talented and smart people in the same place.

This started as a ficlet and now it's an arc which has eaten my life completely. Too pity it seems I enjoy writing it much more than people enjoy reading it, but that’s okay. :-) I really get pleasure on writing, sharing and being creative. See? I'm all stable and mature. :-) . And really nice people have been reading it thanks to [ profile] kill_me_faster's excellent advice.

Anyway, I must shamelessly confess it has been a loooonnnng time since I've enjoyed writing a fic so much. So I've decided to make a post to give some order to this and get a name for my CG arc, which will probably sprout some more ficlets until new canon turns them completely outdated.

Arc Title: The House of Mirrors
author: G.
fandom: Code Geass
Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch

Stage 1: The Emperor's Waltz
Stage 2: The Path of Carnage
Stage 3: The Lady of the Lake
Stage 4: The Book of Hours
Epilogue:The Palace of Silence

Vaguely inspired on Kraftwerk’s The Hall of Mirrors , which I keep associating with the whole Suzalulu dynamic. Go figure! :D

Enjoy. If you like it, don’t be shy and comment.
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Fic: The Lady of the Lake
Rate: T
Pairings: Suzalulu, a little C.C./Lulu
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
Summary: Stripped of his past at a very early age, Lelouch is fiercely protective of his future and the people he wants to see in it. Suzalulu. yaoi. Some LelouchCC as well. Sequel to the Emperor's Waltz and the Path of Carnage.
Posted on 09-08-07
A/N - Sequel to The Emperor's Waltz and The Path of Carnage. Read them first otherwise you will be really, really confused. This one happens some hours before the events of The Path of Carnage and sort of explains what happened "last night". (yup, I do enjoy my non-linear narratives. :-D )
SPOILERS: Yes (24-25)

The Lady of the Lake )
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fic: The Path of Carnage
Rate: T
Pairing: Suzalulu
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
Summary: Sequel to The Emperor´s Waltz. Lelouch’s house of mirrors hurts that much because their distorted images are too real. But they don’t hurt half as badly as the truths Lelouch refrains from reflecting on him. Suzaku Lelouch. Suzalulu. Yaoi.
posted on 8-28-07
A/N: Happens about three years after The Emperor´s Waltz.
Better read that first otherwise you might get really, really confused. This fic is so AU I should be ashamed. Alas, I’m not. You will notice there is a bit of the story missing. That’s because there will be a tiny little sequel. :-)

The Path of Carnage )
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Fic: House of Mirrors: Stage 1 - The Emperor's Waltz
Rate: T
Pairing: Suzalulu. A little C.C.
Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine.
Summary:Empires may grow and crumble, but music plays forever. Lelouch and Suzaku. A little C.C. Stage 1 of The House of Mirrors arc. Sequel: Stage 2: The Path of Carnage

Posted on 8-13-07
Spoilers: Oh, yes (probably 24-25)
Author’s Note: I love Lelouch, the incurable Sagittarius. I guess it shows.
Yes, I’m having fun both at Shakespeare and Pet Shop Boy’s expense. Shoot me. :-) And thanks to verityisle I will always associate Code Geass with birds.

The Emperor's Waltz )
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fic: Affinity
Rate: T
Pairings: A little DouWata, a little Sei-chan/Subaru, a little Sei-chan/Wata, if you don't find it too creepy.
Disclaimer: Holic X/1999 and Tolyo Babylon are not mine
Summary: Of all places in Tokyo, Watanuki Kimihiro is terrified of Ueno Park the most. GIGANTIC SPOILERS FOR TOKYO BABYLON, X1999 and XXXHOLIC. Crossover. Shounenai.
posted on 2-26-07

Affinity )
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fic: Little Women
rate: T
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket and Hellsing are not mine.
Pairing: Integra/Akito (don't ask...)
Summary: Sohma Akito and Integra Hellsing’s Deathmatch! Furuba X Hellsing crossover. Pure crack. Not to be taken seriously. HUGE Fruits Basket spoilers.Shoujoai.
posted on 2-24-07
Warning for language, Akito’s rabid misogyny and Integra’s blatant religious and cultural prejudices.

Little Women )
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fic: Fool and Dog
rate: T
Pairing: Shigore/Akito
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket is not mine.
Summary: Shigore and little Akito bond, Hatori glares and there are no heroes. Warnings: Spoilers and hints of shounenai.
posted on 2-23-07

I love Akito as a girl, but for some reason Akito as a boy is a louder muse. You will see I mix anime and manga canon to my heart’s content. Please induge me. :-)

Not my best by far, but amusing to write.

Fool and Dog )
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Title: Silently
Rate: T
Pairing: Watanuki/Doumeki
Disclaimer: Holic is not mine.
Summary: Watanuki and Doumeki share silence. DouWata, SPOILERS.
posted on 2-22-07

Silently )
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